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Aston Martin Model Car KitI have never met a model car collector who didn't have a love and appreciation for real cars. Unfortunately, neither our wallets or garages are big enough to buy and store all the cars we'd like to own and drive. The great thing about Model Car Collecting is that we can have the money and space to buy and keep our favorite fantasies safely tucked away on the shelves in our homes so we can pick them up and admire them whenever we desire. With Model Car Kits, we can literally build our own dream cars: Choose your own paint, wheels and trim it exactly the way you want, down to the very last detail, even the lettering on the tires, or the color of the valve covers on the engine. Building Model Cars also gives us some rough knowledge and appreciation for the way the cars were designed and built. Putting together an an Aston Martin Model Car, for example, gives us a taste of that unique soul, beauty and inspiration of the nearly 100-year old British Car Maker.

Shopping For Model Cars

As a Model Car enthusiast myself, I wanted to give collectors a way to find their dream model cars quickly and easily. eBay is a great way to find almost anything, especially collectors items, but the inventory is simply too large to conveniently narrow down your choices. Model Car Scale has broken down and sorted Model Cars and Model Car Kits in categories. Search our Model Cars by Scale:
1 8, 1 18, 1 24, 1 32, 1 43, 1 25. Search by Your Favorite Model Car Brand:
AMT, Burago, Maisto, Monogram,Revell and Tamiya. Search Model Cars by Type:
Metal, Plastic, Die-Cast, Wooden. We've also made a category for Most Popular Model Cars and Vintage Model Cars.

As Hobbyists, I know that shopping for Model Cars and Model Car Kits is part of the fun of owning and building them. We hope we've made the shopping experience a little easier and more enjoyable for you at Model Car Scale. If you have any questions or would like to make recommendations, please do:
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Make sure to stop by frequently as the Model Car inventory on these pages changes quickly and frequently.

1969 Dodge Challenger

My Favorite Muscle Car

1969 ChallengerI was 8 years old when the 1969 Dodge Challenger was made, and it was 8 years later that I was finally old enough to own one. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy one then, and I can't afford to buy one now. This 1969 Dodge Challenger Model Replica is probably the closest I'll get for a while.

Audi R8

Audi R8 Model Cars

1956 Ford PickupModel Pickup Truck
Looking for a Model Pickup Truck? Model Cars don't always have to mean just Model Cars. Model Pickup Trucks make for some classic collector's designs. Is there anything more vintage, solid and speaks, pickup truck, better than the 1956 Ford F150? The Ford F150 Pickup Truck is almost a neccessity for a serious model car builder or collector.